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green ticket Traffic Tickets (Green and eTicket)
If you have received a traffic ticket (a green ticket or printed eTicket), please refer to the ticket for a list of your options. You must respond within 15 days of the date of your ticket. To respond, fill out the back of your traffic ticket and return it to the court location listed on the front of your ticket. The clerk will schedule a hearing upon receipt of your request and notify you by mail. You must appear at the hearing. Failure to appear will result in the court determining that you committed the infraction and your penalty will be increased.

For payment information please visit the Payments site.

If you were issued the traffic ticket together with a criminal ticket (a gold ticket), you must respond to the traffic ticket separately from the criminal ticket. In other words, the two matters are treated separately and each matter must be responded to separately.

green ticket If you do not respond to the traffic ticket, additional fees will be added to any amount you owe and the Department of Licensing may suspend your privilege to drive for non-payment.

To request a Deferred Finding, mark the “Mitigation Hearing” box on the back of the ticket and mail or bring the ticket to the court clerk’s office within 15 days from the date of the infraction. You will receive a Notice of Hearing by mail and you may make a request to the court to enter a Deferred Finding.

**Note** If your ticket was issued for “Operating a Motor Vehicle without Liability Insurance” and you had insurance at the time but were unable to produce your insurance card, you may bring that proof to Ferndale City Hall where the clerk of the court will determine it’s validity and a penalty of $25.00 will be assessed. The clerk will then present an “Order of Dismissal” to the judge to sign and a court appearance will not be required. This must be done before the 15th day time period expires.

parking infractionPARKING TICKETS
You must respond to a parking ticket within 15 days of the date the ticket was issued by either requesting a hearing or by paying the fine in full. After 15 days, the case will be referred to collections if not paid. You will be unable to renew your vehicle license tabs until all fines are paid.